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Crestie Tail Tip is black? Normal or No??

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  • Crestie Tail Tip is black? Normal or No??

    So, about three to four weeks ago, I purchased Ollie (my baby Crestie) and the tip of it's tail was black. At first I thought it was normal since all the babies at Petco had tails like this. Then I when to a reptile expo and saw that none of the babies had a tail like this. Can someone please help me? Ollie is my first reptile!!

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    If it's from Petco and all the other babies were like that, I'd check with a vet ASAP to make sure there's no major illness going on that was present in the group. It looks immediately like MBD from the zigzag, but from what I can tell the rest of its body looks healthy. The vet should be able to check its calcium deposits as well if you aren't comfortable with it.
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