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How much does one crestie eat?

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  • How much does one crestie eat?

    i would like to buy one crestie but i would like to know first how much the food for it would cost me. I have a plan to feed him with commercial food (Repashy etc.) and occassionally with fruit purées mixed with calcium/vitamins.
    My question is how long do these commercial food packages last for your geckos?

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    It’s kind of something you have to watch and adjust. I have some that will clean the cups and I have others that will eat half so I’ve learned to give bigger cups to others and smaller to the others to make sure I’m not wasting as much. If you have one gecko I would buy the smaller containers of the gecko diet and store in the fridge. It will last about a year in the fridge. I buy the 8 oz Pangea and I would say it lasts at least 3-6 months I would think. I don’t pay that great attention of how long it lasts because I usually have two bags open at a time and alternate. So I just finished through two eight ounce bags and I believe it was over six months for 4 adults and the babies I’ve had. Hope this helps.


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      I keep mine in the fridge also. I have 4 geckos, and I usually buy 2 or 3 flavors of Pangea in the 8 oz. size - it lasts a looooong time. 6 months for 4 geckos. You might try one Repashy and alternate with one Pangea, just to see which gets a better feeding response for your gecko.
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        Tad do yours like repashy? Mine don’t favor it at all but I’ve only tried one flavor of repashy.


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          I've found with my 2 that they won't touch the mango flavoured repashy but they absolutely love the complete food in the repashy, it's more of a banana smell. Each is different so it's really just a test to see which they prefer.


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            Very true. I’ve only tried the classic repashy and the response is a lot less than Pangea. But I do have one other unopened flavor of repashy it haven’t opened yet but I’m waiting for my current one to run out before I try the new flavor. I primarily fed pangea watermelon and insect with fruit for the last six + months and when they ran out
            i opened a bag of apricot and they definitely liked the change up. I’m gonna buy food soon and I think I’m gonna switch up flavors again too. I should probably buy a watermelon melon again too though because every gecko I think likes that flavor