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Bioactive Humidity Too High?

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  • Bioactive Humidity Too High?

    I recently changed all of my tanks to bioactive, and they're doing great... except for the fact that i can't seem to keep the humidity down?
    In two of them it's constantly in the mid 70s or higher, while the third seems to be 95+ at all times, even though i haven't sprayed them down at all? Only the very occasional spray on the glass to help a suction cup stay up, but that's it. At first i thought the hygrometer was broken, but i just checked it with another one that i know works, and it shows the same readings.

    Anyone else with bioactives know how to keep the humidity down a bit? I know that you're not supposed to spray down bioactives as often as non-bioactives, but not spraying at all seems wrong.
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    I noted the same thing when I first set up my Geckos habitat, but after about a month as the substrate has dried out the humidity will be 95% right after I mist but will come down to 50-60% after a few hours.


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      I recently switched to bioactives too. Because I live in Wisconsin and it is already very cold here, I put in a deep heat projector on my biggest tank, and am using CHE's on my two smaller ones. That has seemed to dry things out quite a bit, in addition to keeping my geckos nice and toasty. I am finding I still need to mist regularly every evening.
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