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  • Please Confirm Sex

    I have two Cresties. They have taken over my life. Lol. I obsess over them making sure they are well cared for, eating the best foods, have the perfect temp, humidity and environment etc.
    I was wondering if someone could look at the photo and confirm sex. I have one that is no doubt a male due to the large bulge at base of tail.
    I’m pretty sure my other is a female but she does has a slight bulge. Just not anywhere near the size of my other. Both my geckos are nearly 3 years old. Thank you for any help.

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    That looks like a female to me, females often have a bit of a bulge as well, but the males' are much much bigger, and that one doesn't look quite big enough
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      So far female by the shots


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        Thank you both for the reply’s. I appreciate it. She’s super skittish so it’s been hard to get photos of her. The bulge by her tail is slight but not even 1/4th size of my other gecko.


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          I got her at a reptile expo. When I got her she was a dark charcoal gray color / nearly black. Now she is pretty much a grayish green color. Based up photos and videos I have seen of Cresties in the wild, she looks a lot like a wild caught ( even though I’m sure she isn’t ). When she fires up she is dark black again. Been thinking of breeding her but I’m guessing her offspring won’t be all that colorful.