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    Hi everyone!
    so I got a gecko about 1 year ago and I was super excited about him. I think I initially took the wrong steps to letting him convert to his environment so it was really hard to get him to be comfortable with handling and he never really did get comfortable. It has now been pretty much a year before he has been held and I know some cresties just never get comfortable, but I feel like I have to try again because I didn’t even spend a month trying to handle him because school and busy schedules got in the way, but I want to try again with him. Is that possible after such a long time? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    He may very well be uncomfortable with handling for the rest of his life. But, it wouldn't hurt to try again! Just start with baby steps, putting your hand in the tank for a short while without touching that for a week, then put your hand nearer to him...for a week...then see if you can get him to step on your hand but not hold him...etc., etc. With patience, you may see success. Good luck!
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      Some geckos never get comfortable with handling. My 1.0.1 are both pretty good with it, but my 0.1 absolutely does not like it. I can only handle her during the day when she's tired, and even then she has good and bad days. So don't beat yourself up if your gecko never gets comfortable with/easy to handle. That being said, some geckos just need time, i'd suggest starting from scratch, take him out for maybe a minute (or for however long you can without him absolutely freaking out) every couple of days and just see how it goes.
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        Thanks! Also I forgot to mention that he is skittish now. When I first got him he was fine with me putting my hand in the cage, but he got really fired up when I held him. After that, he started getting skittish and now he runs when I put my hand near him. This is probably because I got him from a breeder so he was used to handling and now he’s not, but I just thought I would mention it