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juvie who is struggling to shed : (

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  • juvie who is struggling to shed : (

    please help me! my juvie struggled to shed the past month and nothing seemed too work; for weeks he was too skittish to let me pull the access shed off him (although earlier this week i did manage to get pretty much everything off) and would get really stressed out when i made him a little sauna

    he's still struggling a lot to hold on to me when i handle him and can barely walk on my hand without slipping and falling. i added a photo to show what his new shed is starting to look like. does anyone have any advice? i'm so worried about him : (
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    It is hard to see from the picture. There is a product called Shed-Aid that is available at the big box pet stores, and also on Amazon. Some people have had success with that, and it's not terribly expensive. Is the shed restricting his limbs or toes? If not, it may just come off with his next shed. Make sure that he has enough rough surfaces to rub on - cork bark is very helpful. Mist once a day and give him a drying off period, that will help too.
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      take a cotton swab and soak it in water then gently dab at the cresties mouth.