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Would you call this a harlequin?

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  • Would you call this a harlequin?

    So, I picked out my first crested gecko a week ago and am trying to figure out what morph to describe him as. Am I correct in thinking it is a harlequin?

    (The flash was on for this one, so the colors along the back look brighter) As for the odd light patch on the head, that is skin from a previous shed before I got him, it is gone now.

    Also, is it possible for my gecko's background color to seem less dark when fired up? It is hard to tell with the lighting, but it often seems like he is darker during the day when asleep than during the night.

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    Its very close but I dont think it quite qualifies.


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      I'm picky and I would call that a harlequin... : Color, Contrast, Structure
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        Harlequin in my book, you can really see the markings on the thighs from the top angle. Very nice! May want to give it a sauna, Delicup with a couple of millimeters of water in it for about 15 minutes, there is some stuck shed on its head.
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          Thanks for the advice. I have put it in a sauna, it took a couple of tries but it is gone now. I also used a Q-tip after I had him in the sauna to very gently rub the skin to help work if off a bit as well.

          The legs are not heavily marked, but there are markings along the edges, on the tops of his thighs, and on the feet. I say, then basically a harlequin will be my description of him.

          He was a happy find at petco, fairly large are 5 inches (most of them were tiny) and quite pretty. Plus, he seemed fairly comfortable when I took him out to go in his sauna, not jumping away or anything.

          I would love to get a more unique colored one some day, but want to focus on just one for now.


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            Originally posted by Misskiwi67 View Post
            I'm picky and I would call that a harlequin...
            There is very little pattern on the legs and close to none in the upper lateral area. You must not be that picky, lol.


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              I think he's a harlequin. And I would bet that his pattern just will get better as he grows
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                lower end harli


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