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New to the forums going to introduce my cresties!

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  • New to the forums going to introduce my cresties!

    Well I'm new to the forums and wanted to introduce myself and crested's.
    We have been told what they are but I dont know if its true. So what do you guys think they are?

    This we have been told is a harley

    This we have been told is a chocolate flame.

    This guy we have no clue what it is. Any input.

    Also the first one we think is a male what do you guys think?
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    i know which one i'd want the second one stands out to me. nice creamy back and dark base fired up. looks like a partial pinner but could be just a harley. the red one looks like nice too.
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      I would agree that the first is harley, I would say extreme because of the pattern extended from the side to the back. Very nice looking... from the photos it looks like its getting a bulge... but let me tell you, we have a female that if you didn't see her lay eggs, you would think she's male because of her "bulge". Have you louped your gecko yet? And how old/big is it?

      I also agree with the brown flame for the gecko in the fourth photo, with partial pinning and portholes. I don't see quite see it as harley, but perhaps because my own harley's have a bit more jaggedness (for lack of better words) in their harley.

      The third looks like a lighter version of the second but I'm a little confused with the photos and the attachments order. It's getting late, perhaps my eyeballs and the screaming cat behind me have impaired my judgement.

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        Welcome to the forum! Awesome Cresties!
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          ill have to look into that last photo. cause im thinking now that you have mentioned it that the last photo may be the same as the other two above it.

          thanks for the welcome and also the input


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            and also i honestly have no clue what louping is but i looked it up and no i have never done this before. His bulge is alot more noticable than the pics show as well.