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My " Buckskin with a twist! "

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  • My " Buckskin with a twist! "

    Green. This only happens to him a few times a year! he is not breeding and will hopefully be sold this summer although Ill be sad to see him go!

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    Fantastic !!
    1.3.0. Elaphe guttata
    0.1.0. Python regius
    1.1.0. Coleonyx mitratus
    2.2.0. Rhacodactylus ciliatus
    4.5.0. Eublepharis macularius
    1.1.0. Rhacodactylus chaohua
    1.2.0. Holodactylus africanus


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      BREED IT AND MAYBE YOULL PASS ON THe GENES.. if you do ill be sure to buy them and refine it to a more greener green


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        he actually turns that colour? wow thats cool i thought it was some kinda camera effect or glare or something crazy like that. hes almost glowing, wow thats wild! congrats on him, he's a winner! lol
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          Wow, that is quite amazing.
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            I'm not trying to be a jerk

            I have to say that crested looks nice and I'm sure you didn't intentionally alter the phot but I have to say that the balance doesn't look right. The color appears to be off a little. But maybe it's just my moniter. Either way a couple other pics would help everyone get a better idea of what he looks like.
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              Im sorry if it looks altered, but ill I did was resize it. He is not usually that color. usually, he is brown with tiger stripes.