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How to breed pink harley and a patternless red?

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  • How to breed pink harley and a patternless red?

    Hi all! Iím new to breeding but have had cresties for 5 years now. Iíd like to breed and get a patternless red. Iíd also like to get pink harley babies. Can this be done from scratch, or do I need to buy pink harleys and breed them?

    From what Iíve read, cresties are polymorphic and its a bit of a wild guess what youíll get unless you buy the trait/morph you want from a long line of those morphs. I just picked up an almost patternless cream/yellow female and a rusty brick red male (fires down a sand/olive color). The female is a proven breeder. She seems to produce offspring that are the fatherís color and morph. Iím hoping that by pairing her to this reddish patternless male, the babies will be red or orange.

    Iíve seen some beautiful pink harleys online. Would love to breed one. Any thoughts on how they came up with this morph?

    What do you guys think? I know breeding is a commitment and Iím ready for it. The femaleís a little underweight at the moment, so Iím waiting until she gains a few more grams and her calcium sacs are bulging. I def think some of the offspring will be reds, just not sure if theyíll be fire engine red or a dirty red brown. Thoughts?