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    Hey guys!
    I just got my two babies over Christmas week from a LFS who gets them from a local breeder. They didn't make the cut to be "High-end", so I got them both for $40 usd. Gucci was sold to me as having some blonde traits, and when s/he is fired up, it all disappears and she looks like the other gecko when s/he is fired down. Versace was sold to me as a Harlequin, though to what degree, I don't know. They both appear to have the fuzzy trait, but they are both a little young for me to tell, and I am also inexperienced with the morphs. I hope to breed cresties someday, but for now they're just my pets. They are both in the same vivarium until I get the second enclosure set up this week, I believe they will be fine together for less than a week. I have their photos attached, their weights are up in the air at the moment, as my scale batteries died (I use it to weigh my leopards). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Photographs are too dark and bad angles. Try using natural indirect sunlight and get a better picture showing the sides
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff