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  • New Gecko, What Morph?

    My girlfriend and I just got a re-homed crested gecko, its our first crestie, and don't know their morphs too well yet.
    Is she fired up in the darker picture or lighter picture? and is being fired up always a bad thing or is it normal as well?

    Click image for larger version

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    She looks like a flame with dashed pinning and portholes. It looks like she may be fired up in the last picture, but It’s hard to say from the pictures.
    Firing up can be an indicator of quite a few things and it seems to vary from gecko to gecko when they decide to do it. For example my one gecko almost always fires up around the afternoon when he’s sleeping, but he rarely fires up at night and if he does it’s usually right after I mist his viv. On the other hand with my youngest gecko I very rarely see him unfired and when I do it’s typically in the early evening.
    Either way firing up in perfectly normal and it’s just a fun thing that crested geckos do. It can indicate stress, but it can also indicate a happy healthy gecko. Hope that helps
    3.0.3 crested geckos


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      Alot of big breeders don't use the term dashed pinstripe so I'd call her a flame. & It's completely normal.


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        She also looks like she has fringe and kneecaps (the light stripe running down the back legs and the little light patch on front of the back legs on the knee)