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Chahoua cage size questions.

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  • Chahoua cage size questions.

    Hi! Im new to this board,while doing reasearch for Chahoua i came across this board. I have a question about the size cage i coudn't find any info about. Right now i have a leaopard gecko and some frogs, couple years i had crested gecko who died for unknown reasons .
    Back to the question. How often do i need to upgrade the tanks every 15grams or months?

    Also one more question. Can you still find Chahouas in the reptile expos? Theis one coming soon and i don't know if i should wait or buu it online.
    Thank you.

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    These guys grow rather quickly, so it’s hard to say how often you will need to do it. If fed correctly these guys will be around 10g in a couple of months. And it really depends on the size of enclosure you have them in. I start hatchlings in 6qt containers where they stay for about a month after they hatch. By this time they are normally around 7-8g. From there I place them in an extra small access container, or you can use a 12qt container. I keep them in that until around 15g. From there I upgrade to a 28qt container (approximately 7 gallons) which they stay in until around 35g. From there they go into around 64-70 quarts. At 3 years old and adult weight (which can vary depending on the locale) I move them into their final enclosure. A single adult can live in a 20-30 gallon enclosure, but if you’re wanting a pretty set up it would be the 18 x 18 x 18 exoterra for a single adult.

    You can find them at some expos, but it really all depends on your location. I don’t normally bring mine to shows as the market there doesn’t support them unless they are mixed locales, we don’t have people willing to spend more than 400 on them. But there is no harm in going there to look!
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff