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  • To old to breed?

    Hey everyone, ive had my Pure PI Chahoua for about 10 years. He is a beautiful white collar pink and green Chahoua that I bought from the Gecko Ranch about 10 years ago as a tiny little hatching. Ive had him as just a pet for all these years, Ive owned and bred crested's but ive since moved on from them due to not being able to commit the time needed to the proper care of them so I only have my Chahoua left. I am wondering since I cant find any info anywhere about it, how old is to old to breed for a Male Chahoua? I know with females its different due to the stress of breeding coupled with the stress of producing eggs season after season, but what about the male? I am asking because Id like to have a few Chahoua babies of my own and grow my collection that way. Thank you in advance for the help!

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    I have a female who is 12 and she is still actively producing eggs from a male that turns 10 this year. This is a long lived species, there is no exact cut off age for when they have to stop breeding. Just as with any other species, as they mature their productivity rate does slow down.
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      Considering breeding a foal off my ID x mare next year. She's fit and in good condition and I know our others mares dam was 21 when she had her, but just wondered if 18 for a first foal is a bit much?