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  • Help choosing a chahoua

    Looking into getting a chahoua but am trying to get as much information as possible, regarding the pine isle . More specifically on there behavior, are there more aggressive like leachies? Can they be paired all year long if enclosure is big enough? Care wise is there anything different I must do vs mainland?

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    1. They are less aggressive than a leachie, the ones I have are all quite relaxed. I would describe them a similar to a crested, but like flightly. Their feeding response is typically quite impressive as well. Temperment-wise, they are probably my favorite of the "rhacs". Pine isle grow slightly larger than the mainland specimens, but temperament is pretty much the same.

    2. I do not personally house geckos of any species together, but it (housing in male-female pairs) can be and is done on a regular basis in the community. My concern would be with the male "over-breeding" the female. It is not recommended to house two breeding females together.

    3. Care-wise, pine island and mainland are pretty much the same. They do appear to like higher humidity than crested geckos.


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      They also like to have a warmer tank then the other rhacs. So its not a 100% you need this but they do enjoy a place to warm themselves. If you give them a warm spot in the cage they will use it. They also prefer there bugs over any of the fruit mixes. Mine love the pangea. my female will only eat it but my male loves his bugs.
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        I think there are people that keep chahoua pairs together all year, but I would definitely not recommend it if you are new to the species. Chahouas are notoriously hard to breed and the females lay highly calcified eggs that can take quite a toll on their calcium reserves. You need to be experienced in preventing and treating calcium crashes. Even if you have no intentions to breed the geckos, if you keep a male and female together, she will lay eggs.
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