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  • Wavy tail? Vet?

    One of my chahoua females (ML) is about a year and a half and with the summer started to develop wavy/kinky tail. It's not BAD, but prompted me to buy some liquid calcium. I've been giving her the recommended dose (2 drops) about twice a week. I've also given her a few short soaks in a pedialyte/water mix to make sure she's hydrated even though I mist regularly and she has access to a water bowl.

    It's been over a month now and it still hasn't gone away. Some days are worse than others... I do notice the days after calcium dosing tend to be the better days. She seems to be eating less but still takes Pangea and dusted feeders semi-regularly. Last week she didn't touch her CGD at all and I noticed she was digging in her substrate in different areas (bioactive). It seems extremely early to me for her to be producing duds though.

    I have a vet appointment scheduled for next week ($82)... is this the right move at this point, or should I wait it out and continue what I'm doing? I wouldn't say I'm inexperienced, but none of my other 9 geckos have this issue and I haven't dealt with it before. So I guess I'm a worried lizard momma. Thanks.
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    The reply is a little late, but I think you are making the right decision with a vet visit. How did that go, btw?

    My chahoua's appetite noticeably increased since I treated his pinworm infection (which unfortunately involved tearing down the bioactive tank).

    Do you have a UV lamp? Chahouas seem to benefit more from UV than cresties, and it would help with a calcium deficiency as well.
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      I made the appointment and then canceled it since it really seems to come and go. Her tail was still a bit kinky right at the end, but it wasn't too bad. I actually bought a long 5.0 UVB tube for some new cages I had purchased, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to switch her into one of them. And let me tell you, it's like night and day. Her colors are more vibrant and the kinks in her tail have pretty much disappeared (and I've stopped dosing with calcium for now, but plan to watch her closely). She's also been eating more and seems to have a better appetite since the switch.

      Here she is after about 2 weeks of UVB:

      Click image for larger version

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