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My first Chahoua!

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  • My first Chahoua!

    I received my ML chahoua Wednesday morning. He (or she) looks like a little blob of poo with eyes! He's super tiny... can't wait to see his color develop.

    Click image for larger version

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    You've got a cute little blob of poo with eyes, that's for sure!
    Still a dream species for me. One of these years.... LOL
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      There great to have an work with.
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        Patrick Nabors was selling 4 ML babies over on the chahoua classifieds facebook page for... *really* reasonable (he still had one left last I checked). I kept sitting on my hands since the $400-$600 range was a little out of reach. But I couldn't pass on his price.
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          What a cutie! Enjoy the baby - he/she will grow into a 'big pile of poop with eyes' soon :-). Don't get me wrong, big chahouas are great, but I am still amazed at how quickly mine grew. He was only 6.5 g in January, and now he is 33 g. I love him a lot, but I am sometimes a little disappointed that I did not have the little baby chewie for a bit longer.

          So enjoy your 'little bundle of poo' while it is tiny, and take lots of baby pictures :-)
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