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  • Looking into chahouas

    So I've been thinking about getting a chahoua but I don't know which one to get. Was going to see if someone has high-end colors and pattern pictures to share so I can decide which locale to choose from. Thanks.

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    Pine islands tend to be more colorful and larger, but pricier. Mainlands are usually not as colorful and smaller but cheaper. Although their are a lot of amazing mainlands. Also the locales are actually mixed, when chahoua's were first brought over they were not separated by locale but after a certain number of generations they decided to try and separate the locales. The locales were basically split on generalizations about the locales and aren't "pure".


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      I have a pine island Click image for larger version

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        In my experience with the Chahoua, GT mainlands are smaller and usually more colorful ie: reds & greens, while Pine Isle/white shouldered PI variants are larger and more "mossy" in appearance with lighter greens, whites, and occasionally some tan.
        Personally my favorites are the GT x PI crosses because of all the intense pinks, oranges, reds, whites, creams, etc... and they kinda average out in size between the GT's and larger PI's, or sometimes as larger if not larger than some PI's.
        GT x PI mixed locales are my favorite Chahouas.
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