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    With my cresties I found it helped if I had more than 1 food station in the tank (one on the the bottom in a secure spot where he can eat without being seen and feel safe and one closer to the middle or top near the branches so they can reach easily. Good luck with this.


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      Also try different places.. Like one elevated feeding ledge and one food dish on the ground and stuff like that.
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        Sorry it's been so long. Hard to keep up with the internet in college and work.

        Anyways, I've had no luck with the powdered diets. The only way I can get him to eat is to gutload his bugs and coat them with calcium and vitamins. He gets crickets or roaches, gutloaded and coated with calcium three days a week (monday, wednesday, friday) and during the rest of the week he gets worms (pheonix or waxworm, depending on availability at the local pet store). It seems like a lot, but he doesn't eat anything else.

        I've considered making up the CGD or whatever other diet I have and coating the worms in it, just so that he gets SOMETHING. Do you think that would work for now?

        I really don't know what else to do. I've heard chahouas don't eat much powdered diet when they're young and he's not yet 2 years old, so maybe that's the problem. I just want to make sure he gets everything he needs.
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          I think coating the bugs in the powdered diet is a good idea. Might as well give it a try. You have nothing to lose doing it. Hopefully he will take to the powdered diet that way.
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