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  • Some New Chews

    Here are a few Pine Island Chahoua in my gang--three new ones, an old one, and a growing one.

    This is my holdback male, Maxwell, on the bottom. He comes from Sharona x Buster and hatched in 2012. The new girl on top is from the Sadler's and wil be very colorful.

    This young lady is a 2013 hatchling I got from Charming Chewies. She has a nice white collar and should have some red sides as she matures.

    Here's a new female I got this year to breed with Buster. She has gorgeous pastel colors, an interesting partial stripe, and a nice collar (that's hard to see sometimes).

    And here she is again with Buster in his dark colors.

    Hoping for good things in 2014 and beyond!

    3.8.4 Rhacodactylus ciliatus
    3.8.1 Rhacodactylus chahoua 'Pine Isle'
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    2.0.0 Cats (rescued: domestic med hair, and ragdoll--Podraig, Otemma)
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    0.2.0 Correlophus ciliatus (yellow flame, halloween harley, Eggs, Bacon)
    1.1.0 Mniarogecko chahoua (Pine Island)


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      Amazing new chewys
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        Fantastically awesome!!! Beauties.
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          Nice chewies
          Action Packed Geckos
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            Good lord those are fantastic, the partial stripe on the female is just unreal, I dont think i have ever seen anything quite like that lol.
            Sean Mchugh

            Currently breeding Gekko vittatus, Mniarogekko chahoua, Eurydactylodes agricolae, and Eurydactylodes vieillardi


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              You have always had nice chewies!
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                The most beautiful Chahouas I have ever seen, wow !
                Do not look real



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                  Love Love the pink female. Gorgeous!!!


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                    Thanks for the kind words! For those who don't know the rest of my PI chewie gang, here they are:

                    Rufus, male

                    Oprah, female (2 different moods!)

                    Sharona, female

                    Sharona and Buster

                    Bolero, female

                    Kunie, female

                    Misty, female

                    3.8.4 Rhacodactylus ciliatus
                    3.8.1 Rhacodactylus chahoua 'Pine Isle'
                    1 Big Dumb Yellow Lab

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                      VERY nice John!
                      Really loving Buster's new GF too.
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                        LOoooove your gang!!! I am partial to the pastel female and Oprah. Wowwieeee
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                          Wooooooww they look amazing! Definitely the most beautiful chahouas I've ever seen. Because of these I really really want to have chahouas!

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                            Awesome group, John, as always!

                            I hope I'm still on that Buster x Sharona list somewhere
                            Charming Chewies: Specializing in Grand Terre and Pine Isle locales of chahoua.


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                              Maxwell is very nice, huge WC and nice red throughout the body.

                              Leachianus - Chahoua - Ciliatus