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On a dark and stormy night, after 140 days...

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  • On a dark and stormy night, after 140 days...

    ...I have my first Chahoua hatchlings! These guys are from Clifford and Cleo, my high red Troeger pair and after keeping Chewies for two years, this day is even more rewarding than I thought it would be .

    On my way to work this morning, I had a feeling that I should check the incubator and indeed I was right! The bottom left egg was deflated and there was a bit of goo running out of it. But...was it a failed egg? Nope! That would be Uno, the first of the two to make an appearance!

    As noted above, the baby actually came out of the bottom left egg in the grid, but here are the others.

    Cleaned off and oh so fashionable in that half-on-half-off skin!!

    After work, and all shed out!

    But wait? Who was that in the background? Well, I was so excited to come home and see Uno that I didn't even think to check the incubator until about 8:00PM.

    And who was staring back at me, but Dos! (Lame names, I know.) I cleaned her off and put her into the tank, but she has not taken her first shed yet, as you can see. I'll snap more pics of her once she's had a chance to settle in.

    Uno registered at a solid 3.2g and Dos rings in at a porky 3.5, so I'm very happy. Both seem very healthy, and I'm so excited to have two of my own babies in the house. Expect more pics! Lots more!
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    Yay!!! I was waiting for these pictures. Congrats!! That is so so awesome.


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      Wow congratulation on such fine work.lookin forward to seeing em grow
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        Awwww congrats Mike! This day has been long in coming, and I'm glad you have two cuties to show for it!
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          Awesome! I am excited for you! Baby chewies are so adorable.
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            So cute!! Congrats Michael!
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              I love Dos's curled tail in the last picture! So cute.
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                Oh so red! I'm sure Dos' color will be too after that first shed. So terribly cute, congrats on the success!
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                  Thank you all! I appreciate the compliments
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                    Their beautiful! Big contrats on the first two!


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                      Those are gonna be some firey mainlands! I can already tell by the color they have at hatching.

                      Keep us posted!


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                        Congrats, Michael! That first one is always special...

                        Here's to many more!

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                          Uno is so red already! Gorgeous babies! Congratulations!
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                            Adorable! Congrats on the big milestone!
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