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First Chewie Tail Chomp...

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  • First Chewie Tail Chomp...

    Now let me start by saying, my chewies are housed by themselves so this is not something I thought I'd ever have to deal with!

    Tonight, I was feeding everyone. I have found that my chewies eat best when I put fresh food in right before lights out, so everyone gets fed in the evening. Now, Goo and Gaa are both in the low 20 gram range. Gaa is 20 grams and Goo is 23 grams. Both are in the if-it-moves-it-must-be-food stage. This include hands, shadows, and water droplets.

    So, I'm feeding everyone and Gaa is sitting on her favorite branch at the top of the tank and I'm putting her food into her feeding ledge. She's watching my fingers with that super intense hunter stare. She's sideways over her branch so that her head is off one side of it and her butt hanging off the other. Lo and behold, she catches movement out of the corner of her eye and immediately attacks! She grabs said object and shakes her head and bites down with all her might....and then figures out it's her own tail she's munching on. *facepalm*

    I know all the things to do, it doesn't look too bad and I think it will heal up just fine. She is already on paper towels. I'm not really worried about infection at this point, but I'll be watching it closely to make sure it heals well.

    I'm still shaking my head.

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    Wow super feeding response...poor lil one.
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      Silly girl!
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        Originally posted by laura View Post
        Silly girl!
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          haha i have a female crested that did that with the fake plants when she just moved them by walking on them! shes dad's special little girl!


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            haha poor little one. i have crested that will bite my yellow tongs just because the think they'll somehow get a cricket out of them even when their empty! lol