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New Baby & DP update

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  • New Baby & DP update

    So I went to Hamburg on the 6th and came home with a new Mainland baby from Steve at Leapin Leachies. S/he is a little cutie. Weighted in at only 5 grams today. tiny! She's still a little jumpy.. but then s/he's a baby and in a new home.

    Without further ado... Valyria.

    Also, some of you might remember a thread I started in June about weight gain in the PI chewie I got from brandieb. For those who don't remember, DP is special needs, with an under bite and a sunken eye. When i posted the thread on 6/19, DP was only weighting in at 11 grams. Today she weighted in at 27 grams. Thanks of everyone who responded to my thread with help.

    She wasn't into the idea of having her picture taken. she was more into pooping on my arm.

    DP today:

    DP then:

    and DP not interested in getting back into her tank:
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    awww little DP !

    I did not catch the original thread, However You are the only other person besides Me, That I know of who keeps a special needs chewie !
    Its nice to know some of these animals get forever homes, I do agree with culling when it has to do with certain things, However when a animal does not show signs of distress or Pain and nothing more then a imperfection, Whos to say these animals shouldn't live ? I'm sure some could argue..
    I go could go on, but I wanted to say how lovely it is of You to give this little guy a home.

    Have You seen My little one ? well not so little anymore.

    Anyway, the Other one is adorable as well in just as many ways.


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      Thanks so much! DP is my baby, she's super sweet! i just love to spend time with her. she's very different from most other geckos i've seen, and that just makes me love her even more. if she ever seemed like she was in pain, yes, i'd do what's best for her, but until then, she just doesn't need to breed. and she munches crickets like a champ.
      i hope your gecko is doing well, she seems just as special as DP.
      0.2.0 Leopard Geckos 0.1 Mutt 0.1.0 Chahoua PI 0.0.1 Leachie 0.0.1 Indian Star Tortoise


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        Dp is getting some nice color. And the main land is very nice. I got the I think brother to the white collar he had there.


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          Just love those eyes


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            Cool looking Mainland and good to hear he came from Steve. He's the best.

            That's awesome that DP is gaining weight!!

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