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    Is there a way to tell what your chewie will look like when it hits its adult age. Can you look at the parents and get a general idea or is it just luck of the draw?

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    You have a better chance of predicting who will win the next superbowl lol.
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      Thats what I thought but my girl freind thought that it was a posability


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        That's what makes them so much fun! Watching their colors change as they grow is so interesting and always keeps you guessing.

        However, if you buy from somone who's been into chewies for a while, and knows what they are doing, you can make some general predictions.

        We bought our first chewie from Steve at Leapin' Leachies as an 11 gram juvenile from his high red pair. He garaunteed us Loki would be red...and he is. He also passes on his red to his offspring.

        I have a pair of green chewies, and I fully expect their babies to be a million shades of green. They are very similarly matched.

        I have a pastel girl that I got as a juvenile from 2 pastel parents...and she's super lime green/pink.

        If you know you are looking for a specific color, then try to find someone with parents who's colors you like. Or, you can just take a gamble and raise up a hatchling. Keep in mind also I'm talking about pine island chewies - they are more colorful than mainlands.

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          We are deffinantly going to get a P.I. my girl friend and I love there colors a lot more. Were both super excited. I talked to Steve for about 30 minutes yesterday getting an idea if we wanted a chewie or leachie and we are going to go with a chewie. We just have bad luck so we were wondering if there was a way to tell there colors a little bit. Since we don't want an ugly duckling though we would still love him or her. I guess i will have to give Steve anether call today and see what his pairings are for the clutches he said he had.