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  • Cage or tube?

    I have finally descided after looking at many different option of lizards as well as money wise and how they are kept and my girl friend and I have finally descided on a chewie. I was wondering what is better to keep a chewie in? i would be getting a babie chewie and i know i will need at least 3 different cages threw out the life span. what would u suggest for each stage of growth?

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    What do you mean by "tube"?
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      I think he meant "tub"
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        Yea I ment tub lol I seen it as soon as I posted and could not edit the title


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          damn. here i was thinking i'd get a cool new idea or picture.
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            I'm using tubs right now for both of my chewies, because I want to be able to upgrade them as they grow, and it also seems to make them feel nice and secure. I followed the advice of a bunch of other chewie owners on here, and my two are growing and thriving in their tubs. I do plan on moving them into permanent 18x18x24 display exo terras when they are full grown, and those will be naturalistic setups. Someday, when I have my own space, I want to set them up in larger glass display tanks. But for now, I'm very happy with my tub setups.
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              if your using a tub for there adult size tank. would u keep it flat or would u stand it on its side.