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Opinions on Chahoua behavior??

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    ^ This ^ But the woman knows her stuff when it comes to Chahoua's!
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      LOL I love the there was no problem until laura posted. THERE was one post besides his, and I am not sure rubberduckies questions where ever answered....
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        Originally posted by laura View Post
        I am going to make one more point. Do you know what I have learned and taken away from this whole experience? I will no longer sell ANY chahoua to people who don't already have one or two or that I don't know personally or through their reputation. I am going to look into either selling locally or saving/holding everything back until I have enough to make getting a show table worth it. I am sure there are would be new to chahoua owners that this will bum out as I have a list as long as my leg for babies from Gormogon and Whimsey but it is true about one bad apple!
        I am sad that this has happened -- you were on the top of my list for when I am ready to purchase my first Chahoua. However, I completely understand -- I would feel the same way after having to deal with this. This whole thread... I'm stunned by it, and I sincerely hope that we don't see more of these in the future. I, too, am worried about the animal but, as has been stated, what can a poster on a forum do in situations like this? Nothing -- just give advise, and hope that things work out in the end.

        aucturas: I really hope that things get figured out. I hope that your gecko starts to eat and that everything calms down. I really hope that you reread this and your other threads and just take a step back as you read the information. Try to separate parts that feel like "attacking" to you and parts that are information. If you can do that, I think things will start going better. It may take a few weeks, but as has been said you can't put a timeline on a living, thinking creature.

        If I were you I would stop rearranging his cage around, other than to take things out so that it is not as cluttered. Even that -- maybe I would leave it as is for now. I would try not to handle him other than every few days for health checks. I would place food in MANY places all over the cage. Make it shallow enough that it's easy to see if he's licked it or not. Replace a few, leave a few -- see if he likes his CGD fresher or older, see which he eats more, you know? I WOULD move his cage away from that AC -- I feel that he may do better in the quietest area in the house, even that means like the guest room or the second bathroom.

        Just stay calm and carry on
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          As Saille said, the saddest part of all this is that the gecko suffers despite the accusations and arguing here.

          To the OP...

          You jumped onto this forum from the beginning with contradictory stories (gecko wasn't eating vs. had eaten "some" CGD and reptiworms) and asked for advice that you only half heartedly accepted. As if those did not dent your credibility enough, you also took a tongue-in-cheek shot at the seller who happens to be one of the most credible Chahoua experts on this forum. None of these are a great way to build a reputation with a community of any kind.

          You have some preconceived notions about Chahoua care that are bizarre and simply incorrect. We tried to give you advice and you told us that we were wrong, and indirectly, cruel to our animals for doing something you disagree with. Even then, we tried to give you tips for improving your Chewie's situation and some you just flat ignored. For starters, the cage still has dirt/eco earth on the bottom and you are still covering the sides. Almost everyone here also told you not to handle the gecko while he was adjusting, but because one person suggested that it was ok, you are now hand feeding him and likely stressing him out even more.

          As I have said from the very beginning, you seem trigger happy and head strong about doing things YOUR way, even though this is your first Chahoua. It is clear that you have accepted little of our advice and are sure that your years of work with other herps will automatically apply to Chahoua. Obviously, this is still not working out for you and yet you have yet to really follow the advice that was given to you previously.
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            Wow this is just a sad thread. When I was a new chahoua owner this forum helped me so much. Even to this day a year and a half later I still come here for all the great information and amazing pictures. To the op if you ever come back please keep us updated on that chahoua im sure it will turn into an amazing adult. I remember the day I got my first PI I was a little disappointed 515$ for a little brown gecko. I already had an adult that is bright orange/red. I'm not sure what I expected but I couldn't help it the gecko was skittish still is actually but I grew to love and respect that about him. How would you feel if something 1000x your size was trying to get you lol. 2 months after I purchased him I purchased a second chewie from the same breeder this one was calm will sit on my shoulder and hates being in his cage. Long story short other than the breeder sending you a healthy animal they have no control over temperament. Laura is one of the most helpful amazing chahoua owners on here I would kill to own anyone of her animals. I really hope this was all just a big misunderstanding so much intent can be lost when communicating threw text. The only good thing I can say about this thread is im very happy to be apart of such dedicated chewie keepers.
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              actually... nvm

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