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Opinions on Chahoua behavior??

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  • Opinions on Chahoua behavior??

    i know i know its only been two weeks since i got my first Chahoua. I really wanted one, cause from everything i read they are very docile, almost friendly amazing curious gecko. So far, it has been the most skittish, afraid, and it is taking longer to acclimate than any other gecko i have ever had, it hasnt even eaten yet. Just to let you know im not a newb, i have kept and bred Uroplatus Fimbriatus, Uroplatus Henkeli, Uroplatus Phantasticus. and i have kept, cresteds, gargoyles, tokays, flying geckos, leopards. IM just wondering why this is. is it because they can become more tame than other geckos, they just take longer to adjust to change, or is everything i have been reading about chahoua wrong, im very curious, and a little dissapointed in this gecko, almost to the point of regretting the ammount i paid for it. I just find it odd that this is the most terrified and frankly acting like its wild caught gecko i have ever had. any opinions on this????????????? my cresteds have always eaten within a couple days of arriving, same for most other species i have kept, i dont know, its just really baffling and annoying me

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    also, the person i got it from wants me to put a good post on the fauna BOI, but at this point im not sure what to say. it came healthy and everything, but i just dont know from what im seeing has this gecko really been kept good? i just dont know


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      how long have you had it, and how old is it? have you talked to the person you bought it from about its behavior? did you ask the person you bought it from what its behavior was like before you bought it?
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        Ok I didn't think I would post again but since this involves me here goes. The OP got this PI male from me for 450.00 plus shipping. A more than fair price for a very nice looking chewie. He arrived healthy and exactly as described which is really what the BOI is about. The OP has had this gecko for 2 weeks did he expect it to love him on sight and act like a puppy, I am unsure? I am not sure now what he expected but buyers remorse is not a reason to not post a good guy post on BOI, that said if the OP chooses not to post one for me I am fine with that. I have plenty of people who have posted and know how much pride and care I take in my chahouas.

        The OP had a previous thread asking about me (the breeder) keeping him in a tub and if that was "bad" and he the new owner now keeping him in a adult size exo-terra. This baby was in a clear tub so had more vision in what he was kept in here at my house than a glass tank that is covered on 3 sides. Here he could see out of 4 sides plus the top! He was also on paper-towels and the OP switched him to dirt right away despite my urging to keep his care as close to what I had him here for a while at least since he would have enough change being shipped to the other side of the US.

        This animal ate like a champ here, CGD as well as roaches 1 to 2 times per week. He would dive bomb the roach bowl as soon as I set it down. The OP has said the gecko hasn't eaten but in other posts and emails to me has said that he ate a bunch of phoenix worms and "some" CGD but not much. Again this gecko has been with him for 2 weeks.
        Acting wild caught? Really? He said that the gecko was very afraid upon opening the box since the OP said he saw the UPS driver toss the box and acted very spazzy at first but then went on to assure me that he was settling down.
        I don't know what else to say I was and am offended by the statement of whether this baby was kept "good". Anyone and everyone that knows me knows my animals get the absolute best care period!!
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          A few things about your posts...

          1) Using correct grammar and sentence structure makes posts much easier to read and understand. Please consider the appropriate use of commas, periods, question marks and capitalization before you post again.

          2) It seems to me, as I said in your other thread, that perhaps you are the problem and not the gecko or seller. You have admitted to trying several different things with the gecko's caging...covering parts of the cage, uncovering, using lights, taking away the lights, adding decorations, etc. This is a lot to throw at a gecko in a two week period and you wonder why he is stressed out?

          So far, you have blamed...

          UPS for shipping

          The seller

          The switch from plastic tub to vivarium

          The gecko for being neurotic

          ...ever wonder that things you are doing might be problematic?

          3) You say that the gecko hasn't eaten yet...but in your other threads, you've mentioned that he is eating reptiworms and "some" CGD. What is the story, here?

          4) Since you have kept so many species of gecko, I'm sure that you know, just like anything, that there can be exceptions to the rule. There are a few people here with downright nasty Chewies that will attack them if they reach into a cage or tub. Certainly not in line with the image that you had from reading people's posts, but it definitely does happen. No, "everything" you've read about Chahoua isn't wrong.

          5) You've only had the gecko for a few days and judging from your first few posts in this section, you were very pleased at first. Relax and stop jumping to conclusions.

          6) Your comment about leaving a good review on BOI is rather off base. Did the gecko arrive healthy and unharmed? Have you given the gecko a chance to really settle in and get acclimated before passing judgements on everyone and everything that could possibly be associated?

          My advice to you is to R E L A X. From all of your posts on here, I think it's quite obvious that you've stressed your gecko out. You've tried a number of different things with housing and husbandry and also seem hellbent on handling it. You need to contact the seller and request more information about how the gecko was kept previous to your ownership and try to replicate those conditions as much as possible - caging, routine, the flavor of CGD, even the calcium used to dust the insects. I have had some very testy Chewies and know that success lies in patience and understanding. From what I see here, you seem to lack both.
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            Hi Aucturas

            I would say the average chewie is fairly calm and tolerates handling rather well, but this is only the average chewie. I have one male who i picked up locally and simply the transition from being picked up across town and driven back really freaked him out. It was a few weeks before he calmed down. Hes not the most compliant chewie i have but i would say hes fallen into the norm and will tolerate people and handling well enough. I think after some time to relax you could try acclimating and conditioning it to people, possibly even hand feeding. Hand feeding however might be a bit of a double edge sword, it might stress your chewie more, but it also might condition it to relax and associate people with feeding.
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              aahhh, now i remember your previous post. well you haven't had this guy for very long, and its still young. i didn't try to hold my new chewie for at least a week after i got him, and i think it was closer to two. i've had him since May, and he still spazzes out now and then.

              you really can't blame the breeder for the personality of the gecko. they might be a friendlier species, but they're still not a puppy. and just like any other animal, not all of them are going to be the same temperament-wise. as long as the gecko is healthy and was accurately represented by pictures and descriptions, i don't think a "bad personality" is a good reason to not post a good review.

              from what i've read on here, Laura has amazing chewies and takes excellent care of them. i've never bought anything from her, but I absolutely would, and hope i get a chance to in the future.
              Always check the Fauna BOI before you buy!
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                A nether thing some geckos just change it happens. I have a gargoyle that use to love coming out of her cage. I changed her set up after having to clean her cage and got very busy for a month or two and now she will run when my hand goes near her.


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                  You don't ever have to post a good guy post anywhere if you don't want to, but not doing so because you got a healthy lizard that is acting like a lizard is pretty silly.

                  But saying "it hasn't even eaten yet"... when you've posted here and here that it has? That doesn't look great on you.

                  Anyway... asking about handling/settling in time is OK but keep in mind our rules about the whole not-discussing-purchases/dealers on here. If you have a problem, talk it out with the seller, or take it where it does belong.
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                    I 100% agree with Michael.

                    I agree with buyers remorse and would personally take it as a slap in the face for you saying
                    little disappointed in this gecko, almost to the point of regretting the ammount i paid for it.

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                      I agree with the above posts. Its a gecko, not a puppy. Its not going to 'love' you, but it sounds to me like you really need to let it settle in. I think the behavior could stem from the stress that its been through shipping/handled too much.
                      As far as wondering if the animal was properly cared for. I can account for that as I've seen Laura's geckos in person as well as their enclosures. I've handled them as well. I know for a fact that her animals are cared for extremely well. All had clean, nice sized enclosures. All were well fed and healthy. Whether or not your post a thread in the BOI is up to you but not doing so becuase the gecko isn't more 'puppy like' is kind of a stupid reason. I've bought from Laura multiple times. I wouldn't hesitate for a split second to do so again.
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                        I had a leo take months to settle in, she would bolt and hide every single time she'd see me, Id have to sneak up on her very slowly when she wasnt paying attention so I could actually SEE what I bought! She took a GOOD month before she would even touch any food. The breeder had her in a rack system, and I had her in a glass tank (I even had 3 sides covered!) so naturally it was going to take her longer, she wasnt used to being able to see out clearly, and Im sure she felt very vulnerable. I've had her for a year now and she is super calm and relaxed, but that took MONTHS of her getting used to the routine.
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                          ok, i guess i should be more clear, he aet reptiworms the first day, possiblly some cgd, nothing since then. as far as being kept right i agree completelly that he was healthy and totally fine when i got him. What i have been thinking about, and i probably should have mentioned it, is that keeping them in tubs is in fact the problem. kept in such small enclosures all the time, im positive it has a negative effect on them. I try to keep all my animals, even when i was breeding in the largest cage i can afford for them, and ive never had any problems with them finding food ect. even this 18 18 24 looks to me, pretty small for the gecko even at this point. In my opinion it just makes adjusting harder when there kept in small enclosures. anyway, i dont disagree that the seller has good geckos, im just supprised mostly cause it is going the opposite of everything i have read


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                            I house all my geckos in tubs (Cresteds, Gargs, Leachies) You can buy large tubs and theres no harm in using them mind you that you do have to control the humidity. They do not need the most huge, biggest cage in the world as even that can stress them out. I'm not sure what all you've read but I do know a good amount of people do house them in tubs without any problems. You really just need to give him time to settle. If I had the money I'd offer to buy him and take the 'buyers remorse' off your hands due to the simple fact I knew he came from Laura. She has amazing animals. Your lucky to have one of her Chewies in my opinion.
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                              Originally posted by aucturas View Post
                              keeping them in tubs is in fact the problem. kept in such small enclosures all the time, im positive it has a negative effect on them.
                              This statement is absolutely false, they actually do better in small enclosures when they are younger. They feel more secure and are able to find food easier. Most breeders I have spoken to use tubs with their babies. The tubs also keep humidity better for baby chewies.
                              Also FYI I have some of the largest chahoua around, the ones I have raised from babies are huge! So obviously growing up in tubs did not harm them in anyway.
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