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housing for juvie chahoua

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  • housing for juvie chahoua

    I will be getting my PI chahoua on the 20th, and am looking for advice for an enclosure, he/she is very young, hatch date around 11/24 or so..any ideas?

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    a medium or large critter keeper are the best for hatchlings. then move them up to a ten gallon at about 15-20 grams.


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      Thick branches, cork bark, a ground hide and some plants for cover. None of my chahoua really dig their plants, but they will hide under the leaves. All of my little ones used a ground hide when they were offered one. Young chahoua basically hide they don't sit in the open til they are over 20g or so in my experience. Make sure a good sized waterdish is available, as they will sit in it, but not so big that they could fall in and not get out. Mist atleast once a day for humidity. I would advise papertowel so there is no risk of dirt eating while hunting.

      Hope that helps! Make sure to post pics of the new addition! Pics of the enclosure are also good to post a pic is worth 1000 words.

      I use 5 gal (bin, critter keeper or tank) or under size wise. If your baby is under 10g 5 gal is plenty. Smaller than that and I'd recommend about 2.5gal. I housed my littlest (2.7g on arrival) in a medium exo terra breeding box for a few months. When she was up to 5g I moved her into a bin that was 5 gallons.

      Hope that helps!
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        Yes very helpful, thank you both. I will get it set up sometime early this week and post pictures so you guys offer ideas/opinions. I will also be sure to post pics of the chewie once I get him or her. Thanks again.


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          And because this is your first, I can't resist saying BUGS BUGS BUGS! The kids really need them. My babies have thrived on 1x a week or more bug wise. They even seem to have a better appetite for CGD with more protein from the insects in my experience.
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            I have my smaller PI in the smallest sized exo terra, i think its 8x8x12 hes about 10 grams but ive had him in there since i got him at 4 grams. My female I just moved out of her 10 gallon into a 12x12x18 exo terra and she seems to like the vertical space much more ive had her since she was 9 grams now shes at 20g and def likes more space.
            heres a picture of her enclosure.
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