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Scary morning with a happy ending...

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  • Scary morning with a happy ending...

    Well last night was weigh-in for my guys (literally, guys, with 7.0 PI at this point Thank god for 2 GT girls) and every month, Scooby typically sits on my shoulder while I weigh everyone else. I think most of you know his story as he is my "fat lip" GT boy and I try not to pick favorites...but if I had to...and was forced would probably be him. Shh don't tell the others .

    Before I moved to a rack system, Scooby's cage was on my desk and every night while doing homework or surfing the web, I would open the top and he would come out onto the edge of his tank and peacefully sit there watching me. He often made a few rounds before picking a spot to sit in, and then after an hour or 45 minutes he would quietly walk back into his cage for the rest of the night and I would put the top on. It became somewhat of a routine and he started expecting to be let out - as soon as night would fall, he would be up in the corner of his tank waiting to come out. Every night he did the same thing.

    Well, a few months ago I switched over to a rack system and put his cage on there along with everyone else. I don't think he was necessarily thrilled with the change as his nightly strolls came to an abrupt end, but I still make every effort to take him out in the evenings. Now, as soon as I walk past the rack I hear a "BAM" and it's him jumping up and hitting the roof of his cage asking to get out. I pull the top open a few inches and he comes out into my hand.

    Last night during weigh ins I had him on my shoulder as usual and put him back in his cage as soon as I was done. Well, Morticia fired up nicely so I went to pull her out and take a few pics and not surprisingly, Scooby "BAM"ed on his cage asking to come out again so I opened it with the intent of coming right back to get him. My pictures of Morticia weren't turning out very well and I guess I got side tracked and took more pics than I was anticipating. Pretty soon, she had been out for a good 20 mins and my pics weren't going anywhere so I went to put her back in the tank and went to sleep.

    This morning (better light, obviously) I woke up and walked past the rack and felt my heart jump into my throat when I noticed that Scooby's tank was (still) open. At first I thought he might have gone out for a stroll and then gone back inside his tank (as he did before), so I bent down to take a closer look and just as I did that I heard the "plop plop plop" of little feet on cage tops and he ran out to the front edge of the adjacent tank and looked me square in the face, as to say, "HEY! I'M RIGHT HERE!"

    I know a lot of people say these guys don't have feelings or form bonds so I am not going down that road, but I do have a very special relationship with this little guy and he seems to enjoy it. What could have been a scary situation turned out to be a very adorable start to my morning
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    hehehe awesome I hope one of mine eventually start "liking" They all bare with me but I dont think theres any love comin back on their
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      Glad he is ok. He may start expecting you to start leaving his cage open all night long so he can go for a stroll and socialize with all the others.
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        Then drive him to the pub for beers..
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          Thats an awesome story!

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            I would've freaked if not for reading the "happy ending" part in the title first...

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              very interesting story glad ur best friend is ok. I hope my gargoyle is like that with me the first time i took him out i got a love bite and chew. then had him out today to clean his cage and he was loving chilling with me way less suicidel and alot more relazed.


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                That's a cute story! I do understand the "bond" you have with him, because my little crested Twinkie and I have really bonded as well. She will happily hang out with me while I watch tv or work on the computer, and she settles into one spot and just watches what's going on around her. It's so adorable!

                BTW, I had a similar scare yesterday morning. I went in the gecko room to do my morning check on everyone and my heart stopped when I saw that one of our juvie crested's cage doors were left wide open. My eyes immediately went up to the ceiling before skimming the room, but I saw no sign of him. Without much hope, I reached in the enclosure and lifted up the little cave he likes to sleep in and there he was, all curled up like a sleeping puppy. I couldn't believe my good luck! Apparently, while my daughter was misting his cages her dad called to her from the other room and she popped her head out to answer him and got distracted. She feels terrible, but I reassured her that anyone could make a mistake like that. Our vigilant door checking has now reached the obsessive-compulsive level and I hope it never happens again!


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                  What a cool story! I wish I had one that "tame".
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                    Thanks for the kinds words, guys!
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                      Glad he was ok and easy to be found. Hes sounds like a charmer
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                        Mike I am sooooooooooooo glad you found him!

                        You know I have had several scary times, we even talked a hint of it last night on the phone when Spock escaped. I think my fav happy ending was both revolving Naruto in some sort of way. First his mini me escaped, I dont know how, but it did, I ended up finding it up in the window jam...whew.

                        The other, Naruto escaped, in the middle of the night his front door fell off, I heard it but didnt know what the sound was, didnt figure it was his door I thought something had just fallen off of his cage, this was around 2am. I then wake up at 8am to realize to my horror his door came off. I freaked out, ramsacked his tank looking for him. I was about to cry when all of a sudden I hear a thud, Scarface leaped hard onto the side of his tank...the little snitch. He landed right where Naruto was, hanging on the outside of his tank, which is right next to his. Naruto was on the in the 6 hours he didnt bother to wander too far!

                        Its a mess I but his is the 15 gallon under the empty 20 gallon, he has a side and a top entrance, I just use the side (obviously), Scarface is the zilla cage directly next to him.
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                          I was actually thinking about your escape stories after it happened! It made me feel pretty irresponsible but when you have a good number of geckos and have been in the hobby for so many years, I guess it's bound to happen sometime.

                          I'm just glad it didn't turn out worse.
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                            Glad you found Scooby, Mike! He's such a goofball and I like him particularly because he looks like an uncle to my chewie. Slingblade chewies unite!
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                              Originally posted by MPLexus301 View Post
                              Well last night was weigh-in for my guys (literally, guys, with 7.0 PI at this point
                              Sounds like a sausage fest! ahah. Glad you found him, man.