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My first ever chahoua (x3)!

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    Oo you will love leachies just as much.


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      I know, I'm a little bit obsessed with the idea of getting hold of some now though. Sad isn't it?


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        Hi all

        Thought it was about time I posted some updated snaps of these little guys! Sadly I had a tragic accident soon after acquiring the three of them, when the little PI from Debbie & Leon of The Gex Files (Netherlands) jumped right at the moment that I closed down the lid of its enclosure, trapping the tail and losing it in the process.

        I have never felt worse about an animal-related event in my collection as I have been keeping geckos of various kinds for 28 years and have never before had something like this happen - really sad and a very big shock too, especially because of course chahoua are known to be one of the least likely Rhacs to lose their tails in ordinary circumstances. Thankfully the tail is regenerating nicely and the little lad/lady is doing really well, here s/he is:

        Within 24hrs of tail loss:

        One calendar month post-tail loss:

        Seven weeks post-tail loss:

        As you can see the regrowth is pretty rapid and s/he is a lovely little thing, ultra calm and tolerant of handling too, as indeed are the other two.

        PI from Dean Rudman in the UK:

        Mainland chahoua from BG Gecko (Netherlands):

        Hope you like, thanks for looking!



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          I love them! They are super beautiful!
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            They're super cute! I want a chewie soooo bad!!
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              All looking very well! It will be interesting to see just how much of the tail grows back. Please keep us updated.
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                Thanks guys and I sure will Laura, whilst I was devastated to have had it happen in the first place it's been fascinating to watch because this is the first time I've ever witnessed the regeneration process first hand, it's pretty amazing.


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                  Awesome camo shots!
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                    Originally posted by Allhallows View Post
                    Awesome camo shots!
                    I concur!
                    Simply amazing!

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                      Thanks guys!


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                        Nice to see some new pictures! Glad to hear the little one is doing fine.
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                          Originally posted by Debbie View Post
                          Nice to see some new pictures! Glad to hear the little one is doing fine.
                          Sure is Debbie and I love them all to bits! Feeling the need to buy some more now is the problem...