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My first ever chahoua (x3)!

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  • My first ever chahoua (x3)!

    It's been a very exciting week this week as I picked up my first ever chahoua and have ended the week with three as planned!

    First up is a PI from The Gex Files in Holland, collected at Hamm:

    Second is another PI, this one from Dean Rudman in the UK, collected today!:

    Third is a mainland baby from BG-Gecko in Holland:

    Their camouflage amazes me!

    Check out the little invisible mainland baby on the left side of this picture!

    Finally I took a couple of group shots this afternoon, love these!

    Can't wait to see how these change and develop in the coming months! Thanks for looking. :o)


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    B'aaaw! Too cute! I have cork bark in my PI's cage too, and it always amazes me how well he disappears on it! Your little ones have some crazy cool eyes!


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      Great pick-ups! I especially like the pattern of that first one. Chewies are such great geckos--I'm sure you'll love 'em.

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        Like the mainland. Some of them have such color. It will be interesting to see how it grows up.

        These guys are awesome.


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          So Cute! Ahhh I want one sooo bad!


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            aww i love the first group pic. too cute


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              Great shots and awesome chewies! I love the ones of them on the cork bark!


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                So cute!

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                  Im just wondering but why are chewies so much more expensive than cresties and other rhac species

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                    Great Looking Chewies you have there. The patterning looks to me distinct and different from what i see here in the US.

                    Originally posted by newlyson View Post
                    Im just wondering but why are chewies so much more expensive than cresties and other rhac species
                    Fecundity plays a part in high price imo, (fecundity = successful productiveness). Producing around three clutches a year seems to be the typical for most breeders. Also many of the eggs just never hatch or fail during the hatching process. Aside from this low productivity, people (including me) really seem to like the colorful pattern and typically docile personality. Quite a few of my chewies are docile enough to sit patiently on a little stand i have next to my work desk.
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                      AWWW!!!!! CONGRATS!!! They are adorable!!!
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                        Very cute babies! Congrats!!!
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                          Thanks for all your kind comments guys! To say I'm delighted with them would be a huge understatement! As for the cost question, they're kept by a relatively small number of people (certainly here in the UK anyway) compared to cresties, so I guess people are more willing to pay more for them when they do become available.

                          If cresties weren't bred in such HUGE numbers these days I'm sure the price would still be much higher for them too, I remember when I bought my first ones I was prepared to pay a pretty high price relative to what they go for today!

                          I sold a LOT of baby cresties to fund the purchase of these three, but I'm already thinking it was well worth it. Next year's plan - sell even more cresties and buy my first leachianus (or two, or three)...


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                            Congrats on the nice chahoua! Glad you like them!
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                              I sure do Debbie, especially of course the lovely PI from a certain Netherlands-based breeder!! I'm very hopeful that 2011 will be the year when I obtain my first leachianus (or two, three etc.), and I'd be delighted if one or more of those came from you guys too!