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  • Chewie considerations

    I have been contemplating the eventual purchase of a chahoua based on what I've read on the boards about their personalities and behavior traits. I have a bit of time though before pulling the trigger since they aren't really in my price range and will take a few months for me to set aside a few hundred for one.

    Question, are these like gargs and cresties where each one is kept in a separate tank except during breeding times? I couldn't seem to find the answer using the search function.

    Also, any recommendations or tips when looking for one? I know a lot of people on the board breed them but I have little experience within the gecko sphere.

    And why is it that white shoulders seem to be such a desired trait? It's just a color pattern right?
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    I don't have one, but I love them!
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      Because of their high prey drive I always keep mine separate. The only ones that are together are my set up pairs.
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        What is desired is what you're looking for. I have one I have a deposit on with white shoulders but I don't care about that. I go for patterns I like and what he parents look like. That one just happens to have the white shoulders. It's not necessarily a desired trait as so many lose the white shoulders as they age. I have two right now, both I chose by the way the parents look. Choose what u like.

        House individually.

        One of mine licks my finger when I rub under the neck. It's super cute.