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Met MaxB22 (Brandon) today!

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  • Met MaxB22 (Brandon) today!

    Brandon contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting a couple of his chahoua since he has great stuff happening for his future but it doesn't leave him much time for anything else right now.
    So....I got the male PI Hulk aka Limey and the young one (unsexed PI) that he got from Derek at Shoebox reptiles. Brandon was nice enough to bring them to my house since we are in the middle of packing for our move. THANK YOU!!! BRANDON!!
    Unfortunatlely photobucket is giving me problems right now so I can't get the pics up. But if you don't remember which ones they are Brandon has pics of them in his threads. I am hoping I get a chance to get pics up before we leave. Brandon was very nice and I am really happy with my two new chewies!

    PICS NOW UP!!!!
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    Lucky Laura! They are nice Chewys to add to your groups. Best of luck to Brandon in his future plans!

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      eh, Brandon's ok.

      Man you have the Hulk now!!! SWEEEEEEET

      JK! Brandon is a pretty nice dude
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          These did not show his awesome super green-ness but here he is.

          This is the baby, nice color showing for so little.

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            The HULK's greeness is insane! I wish it could come across on the photos! He almost glowed in the dark he was/oops is so green!!!

            Brandon is a very nice guy!


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              Congrats! They are both gorgeous! I am excited to see what comes of them both!

              ...Once again we have more siblings
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