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Are Chewies mini-Leachies?

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    None of the rhacs really do look like each other, but id still go with chewies and leachies as most similar out of the six species. I find both species have similar wrinkly/baggyness to their skin especially in adulthood.
    2.3.10 R.ciliatus
    2.2.0 R.auriculatus
    4.4.1 R.sarasinorum
    8.10.3 R.chahoua (PI)
    1.2.0 R.chahoua (GT)


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      i guess you could say they look similar, a little?. but i dont know how anyone could possibly mistake a chewie for a leachie or vice versa. almost every attribute on either one is different, heads shaped completley different, color wise its like apples and oranges..
      1.1 R. L. Leachianus - MT. Koghis (Troeger)
      1.0 R. L. Leachianus - Riviere Bleue
      1.0 R. L. Leachianus - GT Type B
      1.0 R. L. Leachianus - GTX Type B x Pine Isle
      0.1 R. L. Henkeli - Pine Isle
      0.1 R. L. Henkeli - Pine Isle X Nuu Ana
      1.1 R. Chahoua - Pine Isle
      1.0 R. Ariculatus - Striped
      1.0 Blue Heeler - Jack
      0.1 Boxer - Bella