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  • The Roku Saga

    A few months ago, I went to a local show here in Southern Wisconsin, Sewerfest. I was just finished paying off Sokka, so I went only to enjoy looking, and get some supplies. While there, I saw a gorgeous chahoua.

    I was in love, and broke.

    I took a bunch of pictures, went home, and kicked myself for not buying the chewie. Even though it would have dropped me down to like 10$ remaining balance at the time, and I would have had to live on Saltines for two weeks! I told myself crackers wouldn't have been so bad!

    Then a few weeks later, I emailed the breeder, he told me he still had him, but had a couple people interested. Since I was in the back of the line, I held off and was just going to let him go to someone else.

    Then, two weeks ago, the breeder posted an ad. And who was still with him? My chewie! I was STOKED. I knew there were going to be several chahoua at Tinley. More than 6 breeders listed as bringing them. But I went ahead and had this beauty, that I felt like I "knew" put on hold for me. I picked out a name even, Roku, before I had even paid for him!

    Once at the show, I stopped by a friends booth (next to Derek Dunlop's table) and my reserve was almost shattered by one of Derek's little unsexed PIs. But I made my way over to Dwane's table, and he pulled my deli cup from underneath it.....and all it took was two looks at this gorgeous boy before I forked over the cash and rejoiced!

    Pics that I snapped just before I bought him

    And so now I am the proud owner of the STUNNING, hands down best, brightest and most gorgeous mainland I've ever seen! He's suuuuuuuch a looker, that passing on him a second time would have put me in desperate need of a lobotomy. And so, say hello to Roku! Now I just need to find him a lady friend. When I look back at the old photos, they REALLY seemed like the kind of pictures I take of animals that I own. Mostly face shots, etc etc. It was fate that he be mine, I am convinced.

    More pics in natural light once he's settled in! HUZZAH Chahoua #4
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    He got a lot of drool on him over the weekend, so you might want to think about giving him a bath.

    very pretty boy!

    Gekkonidazed Geckos


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      Gah he is my fav of all yours so far, he is awesome!!!


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        Very beautiful mainland animal you got there. I would have to agree it's one of the best looking GT chahoua I've seen.
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          Congrats, he is beautiful!


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            Gorgeous mainland, I am just smitten with him!


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              He has some amazing coloring Meg, some of the best that I've seen on a chewie....I am so glad you were able to get him.
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                Thanks everyone! I can't wait to take pictures of him, when hes not in a deli cup lol.

                He cleaned his entire dish of cgd last night! Best eater out of the new additions I picked up. Gotta love the chewie appetite. Its roach day for all of them (all four! whoopeee!) so that's his next venture. If he eats those, I'm thinking pics tomorrow
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                  He's gorgeous Meg. I would have loved to seen him in person.
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                    thats a siiick mainland! Congrats!
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                      Gorgeous! Im envious, he looks better than the last PI male i picked up!
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                        You have to stop getting such nice geckos and posting them here. It was really fate for you to have this gecko. Your geckos are part of the reason I bought Tag.

                        Hmm... maybe I just need to stop looking.. It's so hard not to looking, though.

                        I can't wait for more pictures, especially as he grows. He is so colorful for a mainland. Is he really a he?


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                          I've talked to lots of people about chahoua (breeders I mean) I try to get only the best that I can, so I kindly thank you for the compliments!

                          I was holding out after Sokka for the next perfect chahoua, and I think Roku hands down, is it!

                          He is a male Whitney. He has visible pores, and his bulge is just starting to drop
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                            Aren't most of your chahouas pine island?

                            Do you have breeders you prefer, or just search around till you find what you like.


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                              As of tomorrow morning, I will have 1.1.3 PI chahoua, and 1.0.0 Mainland.

                              Its not so much the breeder, as the animals. I have a certain look that I am trying for with mine. I passed on several before I found this last Mainland, and the two unsexed PI.

                              Though I do have a penchant for BFGs. They are such great eaters, they live right up to their name
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