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  • Squint GT female

    This is the future mate of Squad, she can look very light pink most of the time. I hope you all are not getting too bored with all the updated chahoua pics of my hoard.

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    She might be my favorite of yours. I love her pinks and it looks like she is wearing a necklace with that dark stripe around her shoulders

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      Wow! I love that pink! Shes amazing!!
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        Acuallly I've been looking everyday for your updates. I show my girlfriend so she can see how awesome looking chahoua can be. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful collection of animals.
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          Wow! She is pretty!

          I believe that pairing are going to make some stunning little one

          Shhhh! No such thing as too many chewie pics

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            Bored? Are you joking?!
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