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Chahoua colour development question

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  • Chahoua colour development question

    Hi there all,

    Quick question. How much colour change do chewies go through as the grow from hatchlings til adults. Does the colour in general develop more fully and improve as they become adults, become more dull, or stay the same as when they were young?
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    They go through massive color change! Babies and sometimes young juvies are pretty dull with the shades of brown. Once they hit the 20 to 30 gram mark you start seeing color and then once you are into the 40 and 50 gram range is when all the really great colors show. Now having said that there is a line of PI that stay less colorful and have a nice pattern. That's why is is nice to see the pics of the parents. One of the exceptions is high white's when they hatch out they have a little to a HIGH amount of white this does not increase so they will not develop higher white. However Steve told me he knows of a line (not his) that can be born looking like they will have high white and then the white slowly dulls or fades as they age.
    To answer your question, yes for the most part chahouas only get better with age!! Hope that helps
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      As usual...nothing to add to Laura's post!

      Here are some pics for reference:




      This is another, older gecko:





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        Thanks to both of you - very helpful and fantastic pics! I would buy myself a better camera if I would only stop spending money on geckos!
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          I'll share mine. This is my P.I. female...

          at 1 week old, photo by Andrew Gilpin:

          4 months old

          5 months old

          13 months old

          I gave my geckos up... but I want to come back :c


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            I can't wait to get my two girls from Andrew! PLEASE cool weather HURRY!
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              Might as well share some progress pics too!

              High-White @ 5 grams

              @ 55-60 grams (can't remember for sure)

              My '08 females @ 5 grams

              @ 55 grams in '09


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                wonderful animals! im drooling on myself! i so need a chewie!!
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                  Thanks again to one and all - nothing like seeing colour rather than writing a description. Great pics!
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                  1.0 Phelsuma laticauda