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    The main thing is making sure water does not pool or puddle. Mold is simple to take care of by turning the soil and adding plants. I try and keep my leachies at a min of 65% humidity and bump it up to 90% at mistings 2x a day. That said I don't have any chewies just now but I assume that its the same & in the past I did keep them the same as the leachies for temp and humidity.
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      Laura, GREAT post!!
      I have noticed all that before, but never thought of mentioning it, since I figured I was most likely the only one with that problem with living in the desert.

      I will be changing the chahouas substrate to EcoEarth again, now that I have my own place once again. I had used paper towel for ease of cleaning in the last few months. (Less smell for my parents when I was living with them).

      I have glass Zoo Med cages with the screen tops, and I do not have to cover the tops, just use the EcoEarth and mist heavy once every night. Mine will drop in weight when the temps are lower then 78 and the humidity lower. I keep my temps up in the spring, summer and fall.. between 78-81 and they grow to a great big size! So I have found that heat really matters with mine. The humidity ranges from 50-80%, and does drop during the day.
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        I think we otta sticky this one!
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