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Sacramento Show, 2nd Annual Get Together

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  • Sacramento Show, 2nd Annual Get Together

    So talking to Amber, I am going to be hosting the after show get together. So the plan is, on the 26th of September, between 6 and 7, gather at my house for a pot luck. I have a mix of sodas, and am going to barbeque meat and veggie skewers. So bring something to eat and maybe to drink. Come see my zoo, show off what you got and we can talk geckos or what ever until late.

    More info to follow, as we get closer to the show. Just post if you are interested and I will get you the address and phone number. It would be great just to know if you will be at the show. I will!!

    Limited crash spaced available
    and the zoo

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    Originally posted by rhatfield View Post
    Limited crash space available
    ditto...have a bit of room at my house


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      Okay, show is almost here, who is planning going to the show!!
      and the zoo


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        My dad, some friends, and I should be going to the show on the 26th. =)
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          I'm going Saturday! It will be my first time, I can hardly wait. Hopefully I will be purchasing my first Crestie.
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            My (very patient, non-herping) husband and I would love to drop by!

            We'll be attending the show Saturday. On the road to Sac now! Couldn't find the Pangea shirt, wearing a blue shirt with a green chameleon on it and the text "it's not the size of your tail it's how you curl it."
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