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Herp World Expo in Daly City, Ca.

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  • Herp World Expo in Daly City, Ca.


    San Francisco Cow Palace
    2600 Geneva Ave.
    Daly City, CA

    Dates: May 16-17, 2009
    Time: Saturday 10-5; Sunday 10-4

    Anyone else going? It's only $9!

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    well this is new....hmm plus $8 parking, plus $8 in tolls, plus gas....i'll have to think about that. bay area shows usually suck.



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      we could do a road trip!! maybe even sarah would like to go!!
      and the zoo


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        The SF area blows, but it's a reptile show!

        I've already got a full car, but we're totally down to meet at the show and get lunch or something.


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          Warner sister and sarah are both up here. Lunch would be great,
          and the zoo


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            ok, if we carpool it wouldn't be so bad...let's see what sarah says...


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              I pay for the gas if we want to take my car. Nice roomy box with big windows.
              and the zoo


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                I wont' be there..but stop by and visit the IRCF booth and greet Izzy, the Binns' large cyclura!
                Desiree Wong


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                  these are the same people that did the san jose show last year. over priced,not that many vendors very disorganized was a big let down and a waste of time and money. i'll wait until san diego.


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                    Haha I'm in, Julie (Zut) is/was gonna drive but you do have a bigger car Roxanna... PM me for details and I will get it set up for times and such.
                    Sarah & Jake
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                      Holy crudmuffins, it was hot!! We only stayed for about an hour and a half because the show was tiny and cramped and -everyone- was sweating. Ugh. I -did- get a free energy drink, though, and a free male tailless crested from Gecko Ranch when I bought my CGD. He's adorable. We named him Tailless Bob. The people I went with got a 15 gallon setup from LLL and the prettiest Kenyan sand boa I've seen from someone else.

                      What did everyone else get?


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                        Hehe, it was indeed hot. I got two tokays(from Auburn Reptile Company), some dubias and some caging materials(two branches and a screen top). ^^ Got to hold a tarantula and a green anaconda(he was like 30 lbs).
                        3.6.3 R. ciliatus; 0.1 R. leachianus; 1.1.1 G. gecko; 1.0 G. ulikovskii
                        0.1 Heterodon nasicus
                        1.1 Eumeces schneideri; 0.0.3 Bombina orientalis; 0.0.2 Archispirostreptus gigas


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                          Daly City show

                          I got a temp gun, a scale, some dubias to try one more time, and a 2yr for the price of 1yr subscription to Reptiles.

                          Overall, it was a small show, perhaps not worth attending unless you were with fun people.
                          I was with fun people, so no complaints except the heat.
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                          lots of cresteds and a fair amount of gargoyles


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                            It was back in '99 that I went to a reptile show at the cow palace. This time around there was a greater turn out, more vendors and unlike in the past there were no birds. I have never been to the San Jose show so the breeders vending at this renamed event were fairly new to me.

                            The Monster Energy truck in the back was the highlight since the doors were closed, it was hot as hell and I was breaking a sweat. This is in the city mind you. I ran into Julie from Gecko Ranch which was good to see her again. Her booth was full of great shirts and amazing geckos. I did walk away with a yellow reverse pin female from SED, she will fit in perfect with the yellow phantom project.

                            We left after about an hour of being there and we got there around 10. It's a budget reptile show. I have been considering vending the Sacramento show or next years S.F. show. Just don't know how well sticker shock would go over with the stock. lol
                            It's a popcorn season!


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                              nothing really spoke to me at the show other than the monster drink. i've been awake for over 24 hours now...

                              Originally posted by Aquira View Post
                              Got to hold a tarantula
                              ME TOO! which is a big deal considering i have intense arachnophobia!
                              sarah talked me into researching possibly getting one.

                              Originally posted by Zut View Post
                              I was with fun people, so no complaints except the heat.
                              we are fun, aren't we?