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Valparaiso IN Reptile show

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  • Valparaiso IN Reptile show

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone had gone to this reptile show before and what they thought of the crested selection. I live an hour and a half away from it so i didnt want to go if there was going to be nothing there. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon cause the show is tomorrow.

    -Ryan Z

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    I went there once last fall and there was nothing worth driving 1.5 hours for. A couple frog butts from a pet store and thats about it.
    Hope that helps.

    R. Ciliatus,R. Chahoua(P.I. & Mainland)

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      The Wheaton show is awesome and the next one is March 7. Plenty of Cresties(at least 4 breeders) for sale and great prices


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        yeah i know, im actually from warrenville which is right down the street from dupage county fair grounds where the wheaton reptile expo is held, im just going to college right now at purdue. Thats why i was asking about valparaiso.