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Calling all Geckos Heads>> Check this event out!!!

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    Just an update on List of Speakers:

    MIRKO BARTS (Berlin, Germany) – “Pachydactylus: The Jewels of Namibia”.

    EMMANUEL VAN HEYGEN (Mechelen, Belgium) – “Lygodactylus williamsi in its natural habitat”.

    STUART NIELSEN (Department of Biology, University of Mississippi) – “Molecular phylogenetics reveals surprising diversity within New Zealand's gecko fauna”.

    ALYSE DEVRIES (Omaha, Nebraska) - “Captive husbandry and maintenance of Uroplatus at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo”.

    DANIEL SCANTLEBURY – (New York, USA) – “A survey of the diversity and ecology of Hispaniolan Sphaerodactylus”.

    MATJAZ ROJC (Slovenia) – “Captive husbandry and reproduction of Paroedura masobe”.
    EMMANUEL VAN HEYGEN (Mechelen, Belgium) – “The non-Malagasy species of Phelsuma”.

    CHRISTIAN LANGNER (Germany) – "The other Diplodactylines of New Caledonia – Oedodera, Dierogecko, Bavayia and Eurydactylodes".

    NEIL MEISTER (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) - "Skin Disease in Imported and Captive-bred Uroplatus”. [Summary: A brief overview of various skin problems encountered while working with Uroplatus geckos with discussion on treatment and prevention.].

    Space is limited and filling fast. Get your tickets today. Here is a link>>>

    June 26 2009 9-6 PM and an exclusive Gecko Expo to follow from 6-9 PM (Rare geckos!!!)
    San Diego Concourse Civic Center
    202 C st. @ 3rd and B st.
    $75 per person (includes lunch, Gecko Expo 6-9 PM and Reptile Super Show VIP Pass)
    Then an after Party at Downtown Johnny Browns. Don't miss the Gekkoni Day Expo.