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California Assembly Bill 339

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  • California Assembly Bill 339

    Please, read the following announcement, and follow the link, below to take
    action. Forward and post to your FB walls and social media sites, as well.

    CALIFORNIA REPTILE PEOPLE: Please Read--- and take 30 seconds to fill out
    the fields to tell them to vote NO on Assembly Bill 339! Then SHARE

    California Assembly Bill 339 was introduced on February 13, 2013 and has
    been assigned a Committee. This bill would make it illegal to sell reptiles
    and animals at reptile shows currently held six or more times annually
    under California Business and Professions Code. It is important to carve
    out reptile shows from this bill now should definitions for “swap meet” be

    here is the USARK link

    USARK has made it very easy to do. One filled out message(pre-written with a place to add your own story!) and form, and a bunch, if not all, council members are contacted!

    I copied this from a CVHS message sent to me, thanks edgar
    and the zoo

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    Thanks for the heads up! Filled it out. This is getting out of control. I want to see all pet trade limited if they are going to limit reptiles. .


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      Thanks for the info! Will definitely pass this link around!
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        Thank you. Filled it out and passed it on to my reptile friends.
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          Signed. Will be sharing it around too.
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