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Do you need a license to sell reptiles??

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  • Do you need a license to sell reptiles??

    I live in North Carolina and I've tried looking up on Google if I need a permit or license to sell reptiles and I couldn't find ANYTHING helpful :/
    Can anybody help me?
    I'm starting to breed reptiles and I want to eventually get a booth at some of the reptile shows... but I just don't know all the laws and rules and whatnot...
    Do I need a license or permit to sell repiles? Do I need a small business license? What do I need?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think a license is required, but I'm not from north carolina, and the license may only apply to certain animals. If your breeding snakes I think you might need one, if your breeding geckos, you most likely do not. Also if you claim this as a buisness you will need to file taxes at the end of the year on what you sell. Or you can claim it as a hobby, and selling the babies is covering the expenses of your other animals (or thats what I found anyone). Hopefully soemone with more experience with the buisness end can help you out with better details.
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      In PA we have to have a propagation license through the Dept. of Animal Health and Diagnostics, which allows us to breed, buy, and sell any reptiles we have listed on our license. Also, you should keep track of your purchases and your sales, and technically you need to have a sales tax ID number and then file that sales tax each least that's how it is in PA!
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        Hey. I lived in NC and now im in VA. I hate it and im coming back. Im pretty much in the same boat as you. I have 21 snakes and got a name and website and I want to make it a business but have no idea where to start with that. I asked a breeder who also happens to have a business attourney degree. He told me you dont need to do anything. I asked him all kinds of questions such as do you need to be incorporated an llc, file a ficticious business name, get a federal tax ID number and he said no, no, no and no. However he said that if you want to have a brick and mortar facility or store than there are several things you have to do. One other exception would also be if you plan on selling online then you have to do a little more. I don't want to find out the hard way so I am going to make sure I do what i need to do. I think im going to just get in touch with the county i live in which would be onslow and ask them to point me in the direction until i talk with someone who would know. Please though, If you find out anything please let me know.


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          Tax IDs are generally a good start. If anyone figures this out completely let me know, since I might be selling mine to a local pet store, hopefully the owner may tell me what to do (He's in the hospital from an accedent so it may be a while). I know we are not from the same area, but I would think things are generally similar in most places...or at least I would assume so.
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            Any body know the laws,rules, etc for New York?

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              Or for California? Specifically Los Angeles County regarding corn snakes, sonoran gopher snakes, leopard geckos and crested geckos.... Sorry to butt in with this lol.