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Red Alert: Stop Federal Python Ban!

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  • Red Alert: Stop Federal Python Ban!

    RED ALERT: Stop Federal Python BAN!

    This is the final push in the BIG FIGHT to stop the Boa and Python BAN! This BIG FIGHT has been 4 years in the making (since 2008) ... Help USARK put the Python Ban to rest in 2012! Please participate and help the Reptile Nation overcome the most devistating attack the Herp Community has ever faced!! Please read and follow the instructions to ensure your voice is heard by President Obama, the US Congress and the US Senate.

    US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) has a proposed rule being considered by the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB). This is the final stage of the rule making process. This rule, if enacted, would ban the import and interstate transport of nine constricting snakes; Burmese python, Northern & Southern African pythons, Reticulated python, all four Anacondas, and Boa constrictor. This rule has been called the "Constrictor Rule". All of these constrictors would be added to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. If this were to happen more than 1 million American citizens could be subject to felony prosecution under the Lacey Act. It is the job of OMB to weigh the purported benefits of the rule against the economic impacts. It is also their duty to assure the rule has been given due process under the Administrative Procedures Act, Information Quality Act and all pertinent Executive Orders. USARK has created a clear public record that FWS has failed at every level to make their case for this rule. According to emails obtained by USARK it appears that staff at FWS colluded with staff at the US Geological Survey (USGS) to manufacture "science" to support this rule making after the decision had already been made to pursue a Lacey Act listing. Further, FWS grossly underestimated the economic impact. USGS has justified their flawed "science" by saying they were not required to adhere to information quality standards for science used to support the rule because the rule did not meet the standard for a major rule making ($100 million). An economic assessment of the Modern Reptile Industry commissioned by USARK, and done by Georgetown Economic Services, has since debunked USGS claims by asserting that the rule could have impact in excess of $103 million. USARK believes the actions of FWS and USGS in regards to the Constrictor Rule are arbitrary, capricious and potentially unlawful.

    Please send the letter below to President Obama and your Senators and Congressmen to let them know you are aware of the actions of FWS and the negative impact on you, your family and business. Just follow the simple instructions.

    Do it now and share with all your friends, family, social networks, forums and email lists! This is your chance to make a difference and help USARK set a positive precedent for our industry.

    Click Here to send a letter to President Obama: http://united-states-association-of-...milies-alread/
    --Winged Wolf
    Eclipse Exotics
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    I made up this letter and was sending it out... please feel free to copy it and send it to your contacts that may not be as active on the web...


    This E-mail is about the FWS Python Rule. Please take a moment of your time and add your name to help stop this ban from happening. This will not only hurt small business, like mine but it is being sported by groups with agendas to stop all Americans from keeping pets of any kind. Next step is all nonnative animals. Please help stop this from happening. Sign the petition and send in the letters (letters are pre written or you can edit them to say exactly what you want). This only takes a few seconds. If you would also be so kind as to forward this onto some of your contacts, it would be greatly appreciated!

    This link will take you to the petition located on the US ARK web page. US ARK is the United States Association of Reptile Keepers. A group I am proud to be a member of.


    Thank you for your time,
    Sarah & Jake
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      From USARK facebook page: "We need 25,000 by Tommorrow!!!" (sorry don't know how to do a screen shot). We need to get another 1222 sent in by tomorrow! If you have anyone you can ask to send one in, or if for some reason you haven't sent one in your self, now is the time to do it!


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        After a five year plus battle and despite the best efforts of the reptile community, it is being reported by the Miami Herald that the U.S. is set to approve a federal ban on Burmese Pythons and most likely African Rock Pythons as well, next week during the presidents stop in Florida.

        Under a rule that has been the subject of five years of lobbying and debate in Washington, the United States intends to declare the Burmese python an “injurious’’ species, which would make it illegal to import or sell the snakes across state lines. At least one other species that has been found in the Glades, the African rock python, also is expected to be included on the “injurious’’ list that originally included nine large constrictors.

        As yet there is no word on the other 7 species on the proposed list, including Reticulated Pythons and Boa Constrictors, but watch this space for further news updates as they come in.

        For more information on the expected announcement see
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