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R.I.P Chantilly!

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  • R.I.P Chantilly!

    Today we had to put down our 10 year old mastiff down. She had a tumor on her near end that grew huge in the last four days and we took her to the vet today. He had no clue what it was. He felt a firm mass inside of her and thinks that it was cancerous, but had no clue what type of cancer, and there would be no way to know for sure unless we did tests. He said that we could remove the cyst that was on the outside but it would cost $500 or so and there is no need to remove it if we wouldnt remove what was inside her, but the tests alone would cost nearly $1000 and he was pretty sure it was all through out her body... Plus she was ten years old (mastiff live anywhere from 8-11 years average) and by the time we would have everything removed she would die from old age, if she didnt die on the operating table first. So, we made the very very very very hard decision and put her out of pain. If you kinda-sorta *know* me, you know that me and my family LOVE our animals to death. Losing her was like losing your sister- but this is even more tough because I lost my grandpa who I was very very very close to in November, so its two loses in a years time!
    Rest In Peace Wantil Bill! Youll always be loved and we had a great 10 years with ya!

    In memory of Chantil-
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    I'm so sorry for your loss... I can see that you really loved Chantil, and I'm sorry for your loss.

    She's waiting for you at the rainbow bridge...
    Crested Geckos are the cutest things EVER!


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      I am so sorry you lost a beloved family member *hugs*. She lived a very long life for a mastiff, and I agree with your family's decision that a lot of times just because you *could* pursue treatment, it is not always the best course to take when looking at how quality of life will be. Especially with a geriatric. Sounds like she had a long, fulfilling life with a family who loved her, and she did not have to suffer in pain. RIP Chantilly!
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        I'm so, so sorry.

        I know that literally no words can even remotely soothe this kind of pain.

        You and your family did good by her, and made the right choice. She was lovely, and I hope you will all be OK.