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For Giz, My little snuggle face.

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  • For Giz, My little snuggle face.

    We lost our nearly one year old crestie one month ago, after she fell onto her back onto the floor. About two hours after the fall, she had a seizure and stopped breathing. It was one of the most traumatic pet experiences I've been through. There was absolutely nothing I could do, but panic while my beloved pet died in my hands. She was awesome. I had no idea that lizards were such loving pets, or that I could love one so much. I have always had furry four legged kids, so this one was a completely new experience. It was a total surprise to find out what a funny, loving, clever little beastie she was. I really miss her. She brought so much joy and laughter to our home. She loved to be held and snuggled, and at bedtime, would refuse to go back into terrarium until I would walk her around the house to say goodnight to everyone. She would dig in her tiny little heels, and refuse to go back in. Once we had our goodnight stroll, I would put my hand down next to her ledge, and she would climb down next to her water and food and go lay down. But, she would face the door, to let me know she would be waiting for me to come and get her in the morning. We took her on a camping trip with us about three weeks before she died. We had a pet sitter for everybody else, but he freaked out about the gecko. So, she got to come on the camping trip. That was quite the adventure, and she LOVED it!!! I knitted up a little gecko "pocket" for her, that she loved. She would dance with excitement when she saw it, and would dive headfirst into it. It was her sleeping bag, an artisanal, hand knit gecko cozy. And, she was crazy for it.

    Our first gecko CG, had been very fragile and not very healthy. We had gotten her from a 'My first gecko' stand at a reptile expo. And, she was gorgeous, but she was tiny and was never very robust. When she was about 3-4 months old, she got an abscess just under her chin, that got badly infected. She had a particularly difficult shed, and apparently scratched her chin on her rock a little too vigorously. I didn't see the wound until it was too late.
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    I am sorry for your loss. Giz was a very special little gecko.
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