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Bonnie and Clyde gone too soon

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  • Bonnie and Clyde gone too soon

    I got Bonnie and Clyde about 2 months ago. They were little crested geckos. Bought them at a pet expo in NY where I live. Their life was short lived. My cat knocked over their keeper and she ate them. All that was left was Bonnie's tail. I am devistated. I was going out today to buy them a 10 gallon tank or a cool tank that opens with doors in the front. My daughter is devistated and I am so angry with my cat.

    My heart is broken..

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Have you considered that they could be escaped somewhere? Sometimes cats knock the tanks over and the geckos can get away if the noise startles the cats away. Keep an eye out, just in case.
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