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Ego and his Trouble

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  • Ego and his Trouble

    I found a picture of my very first crested gecko a few days ago. His name was Ego my gecko (pronounced like the waffle) Ego for short. He was always smiling, always wanted to be with you. I'd wear my husbands shirt just for the collar. He would stay there for hours. Just sit there. With a few climbs to the top of my head. Look around for a while the jump down to my shoulder and back under the collar. It's been 5 years since I said goodbye as I left for deployment. 5 years since I got an email that said you'd gone, on your way home from the vet. I still miss you. And Trouble. What a bit of trouble you were. A 3 hour drive to rescue you. Fts and mbd is our best guess is what happened to you. . A twisted back and the ugliest olive green. So ugly you were cute. I hope your out there happy and healthy somewere. I wish I knew were you were.