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  • Tilly

    You can in to DFW Reptile Rescue 501c3 non profit reptile rescue after being hit by a lawnmower. You were such a little fighter and despite all of our best efforts you have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. It is very hard for us personally but as a rescue to loose one. We are the last stop but I know in my heart, we cant save everyone. All we can do is try; this is by far the hardest part of rescue.
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    Melissa Caposello
    DFW Reptile Rescue, Rehab & Adoptions
    501c3 Non Profit Reptile Rescue

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    That's terrible; I'm so sorry for your loss. I have great respect for rescues, because I know it's a very difficult job, particularly this aspect. At least you made his last days as best and comfortable as possible.


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      A huge thank you from turtle lovers everywhere for the valiant effort. I too have a lawn mower victim though not nearly as severe, shes missing a big chunk of shell over one of her front legs.
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        So sad to hear and see this. Thank you for giving that little guy a good safe home for the last days of his life. Much respect to you.
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